Trade Shows and exhibitions, which have always been a crucial meeting point for the goldsmith business, due to the ongoing health emergency have received a sudden stop by postponing or, in most cases, even cancelling the appointments scheduled for 2020.

These decisions aim to protect the visitors’ health, as well as the exhibitors’ and the expo workers’ of the expo with the result that they can do nothing but leading to a negative economic impact.

Many Exhibitions in the world will suffer the major consequences especially in this field, although we can find those who, such as the Italian Exhibition Group, don’t give up and still offer opportunities and visibility to manufacturing companies by supporting goldsmith companies in the post lockdown phase.

“On Stage” project was born from this idea to allow exhibitors to enhance their online presence thanks to the organization of a virtual showcase and showing the creations of manufacturing companies to world markets, companies that will be assisted in the creation of professional photo shooting for new technology catalogues with pictures and videos of the latest products.

Anyway, it’s by now confirmed (although not officially declared) that the September issue of Vicenza Oro this year won’t take place or, more specifically, not the way we used to know it. Right now as you are reading this article, actually, the Vicenza Show Management is working restlessly in order to set up a new format of the Autumn Show which will be featuring a “lighter” line up of exhibitors (appararently mainly from Italy) providing at the same time a full set of digital support allowing visitors from overseas facing travel restrictions to join the exhibition and explore the new trends introduced during the Show.

We are facing a changing era, a new way of selling jewellery which is different from what we were used to do. Will trade shows take back their key role between supply and demand?