A jewellery collection is the result of the most authentic expression of inspiration from what surrounds us: a place, a feeling, a colour, an atmosphere, a perfume… the involvement of all our senses being inebriated by beauties existing in nature. 

A common element to many Artur Gold collections is the inspiration to the  natural world which transmits energy and positivity offering a feeling of harmony and elegance for those who wear them. 

Artur Gold creations want to show different aspects of the “timeless elegance” idea being inspired by the interaction between nature and harmony and by the nature’s influence over our life. 

Each creation is characterized by a full  balance between volume and colours: its preciousness is the result of  Artur Gold’s attention to detail, knowledge of raw materials and cutting edge technologies keeping up with fashion trends. 

By this deep analysis, the gift of creativity and thirty years of experience, something magic can be born and becomes first of all a pencil draft, then a 3D prototype, until the creation of the real raw jewel which will be carefully polished,  to  become at last the jewel ready to accomplish its main purpose: arise a woman’s emotion.