Running a SME can be challenging, the feeling of swimming in the sharks’ pool is common to all of us who struggle daily to cope with local regulations and global competition, nevertheless it’s a fact that SME are counting for the 82% of employed workers and 92% of active companies in Italy (source Sole 24 Ore), a country ranking 9th worldwide for its share of planetary export. You may guess that Made in Italy sounding products are good enough to defeat emerging countries competition, but in a more and more price sensitive market, can a good sounding word make buyers confident to place their trust in tiny companies like  Italian SME are?


We asked ourselves this question, and the best idea we had was to ask the same question to our customers, starting a brief survey, asking them what was making them choosing us amid the many available choices they have: obviously this is referring to our company only, but the results are quite encouraging, check below:

As you can see from the graphics above, our customers prefer trustworthy and reliable suppliers most of all, and this can do nothing but make us proud and happy. Proud about the relationships we built during the years, and happy to realize that, although we live in the cloud-meeting era, human beings come first, with their load of feelings and  values. And what about you? What do you think is the reason why your customers chose you rather than your competitors?