A successful identity admired all over the world.

Artur Gold is founded in 1991 in the city of Vicenza based on strong principles.

The company pillars have their roots in the Italian background whose Italian Nature (meant as temperament) the Company witnesses with its life. The first step is the creation of business relationships with customers which become partners after they have been carefully met, known and listened to, so that their needs are fully understood through a full customisation of the jewels with no compromise on quality.



From the very beginning, Nadia Gobbo’s creativity and resourcefulness reveal to be primary to express the unicity of Artur Gold’s collection.

A deep bond born of solid bases: this is how Nadia is connected to the world of Jewlery made in Vicenza when, 30 years ago, she was amazed by the magic of creating jewels meant to fascinate another woman.

Ever since, Nadia designs every single piece of her jewels with the desire to arouse the same emotion in every woman who will wear her jewels: this is the real gratification she gets from her work.

The shapes of gold, the colours of stones and the finest finishes are the most authentic expressions of a woman’s beauty

Every single piece of jewellery from Artur Gold carries a promise: the promise of a smile. The smile of the Lady it will be gifted to, and which she will wear timelessly. It’s following this promise that Nadia, Artur Gold’s founder and designer, is imprinting her jewels with that Italian nature (as a synonymous of temperament) setting them unmistakable. The latest techniques allow her to create shapes that are enriched by centuries-old experience of Goldsmiths Masters from Vicenza.



Our collections, renewed quarterly, boast countless styles that define the latest fashion standards, thanks also to the use of the most up-to-date technologies: micro-fusion, 3D printing casting, stampato, electroforming, hollow tube and sheet processing.

Other specific techniques we manage are: stone hand setting, frame hand wrapping on stones, cataphoresis treatment, enamel and special ceramic resin.

It’s driven by 5 Stars which we never miss to follow:

    Design and production of jewellery 100% Made in Italy
    Up to date collections granting access to a quick sell out
    The ability to create jewels following customer’s specific requests
    A strict QC process, granting total reliability: the result of almost 30 years of experience
  • TEAM
    A winning equipe boasting proficiency, experience and attention to customer’s needs creating an immediate and efficient tuning.

The cultural legacy of Artur Gold is closely related to its region’s history and tradition.



Vicenza is goldsmith’s world capitol whose tradition dates back to 12th Century with the signing of the status of the goldsmith’s Fraglia (Corporation), the first official document which ratifies the existence of a corporation of some 150 artisans.

Declared World Heritage by Unesco, the tradition of great style and creativity is part of the city’s image from the age of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580), architect and first role player of the Italian renaissance, renowned symbol of Vicenza’s municipality.