Vibrant, seductive, impactful, purple has come back to rule the game in the season’s catwalks.

Sometimes, wearing a purple dress may seem hard to match with the rest of your outfit, but you can actually fit this nuance both in your day and evening look smoothly matching it with white, black or denim.

In jewellery, the king of purple is Amethyst. This gem belongs to the family of macrocrystalline quartzes (made of large crystals). Its colour ranges from pastel pink to dark purple and is made from iron elements.

The most important factor to consider when evaluating an Amethyst is his colour: the more intense it is, the more expensive it is. The most precious Amethysts have shades ranging from medium to dark, transparent and pure purple, without shades tending to red or blue, even though flashes of blue and red are precious and highly sought-after. Amethyst crystals have few inclusions.

You can find different forms of this gem, more than any others, and this is the reason why it is loved by cutters and jewellers. Regardless of his cut, coloured tones and an high brilliance are the parameters for a quality piece.

One more parameter to classify this gem is its origin, especially because it could be a sign of quality. 

The Breijnho Amethyst, for example, is pulled out in Brazil from the Breijnho mine and is especially esteemed for its purple flashes on its intense purple surface. The Zambian Amethyst, on the other hand, has a clear royal purple with wonderful blue and red shades that light up the body at every move. The rare Amethyst Uruguay fascinates with its deep purple colour and its characteristic red flashes. Rio Grande Green Amethyst (Prasiolite) has intense green shades and is normally more valuable than traditional Green Amethysts; these two varieties are pulled out from different mines: the green Amethyst is located in Uberaba (Minas Gerais), while the Green Amethyst Rio Grande is originally from Rio Grande do Sul. (source: Juwelo)

She who chooses amethyst for her jewellery is usually a self-confident, seductive and daring woman who plays with the shades of this pigment-rich stone, obtaining a different outfit from time to time.