Which of us does not fit something red in his life? A dynamic, passionate colour that emanates warmth at its first glance.

A “must have” nouance that in the stones is represented by Carnelian, a gem belonging to the group of Chalcedony, in turn a member of the large family of cryptocrystalline Quartzes. From translucent to opaque, Carnelian colours are the result of the presence of iron oxide.

The Carnelian Quartz type can be pulled out in Madagascar, Brazil, India or Uruguay.

Thanks to its red-orange colour, this gem shines on the body giving a sparkle that easily matches with all types of skin.

Its colour could look like the papaya colour, as well as the energy that it transmits. This shade of orange is perfect to liven up everyday looks. It fits well with black, electric blue, turquoise and beige. (source: Vogue).